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HIRING / SCREENING                                                                        

It is of prime importance that workers be selected for skills and qualifications to match the needs of the job. Specific job classifications may require special skills and training. Every effort is made to ensure each employee has been placed in a job that best suits his or her experience level. In order to ensure that all ecoclean employees are capable, responsible, conscientious, and safety oriented, the following steps are taken when hiring and training new employees.

All prospective employees must complete the standard employment application, I9, and W4, and complete a comprehensive background check. We interview the applicant so that their education, experience and knowledge in the maintenance field may be evaluated. All employees, who are approved, must undergo complete background screening (including a criminal record check) provided by a third party professional service, as well as drug testing at the company's disgression (or based on contractual requirements). Potential employees are then tested to substantiate their knowledge of such items as proper restroom procedures, stripping and refinishing of floors,carpet shampooing and bonneting, customer expectations and satisfaction, equipment operation, chemical handling, safety and security. This ensures proper job placement based upon each employee's individual skill set.

ONGOING TRAINING PROGRAM                                                          

Training of custodial personnel is of prime importance in our approach to the world of building services. At ecoclean, we strongly believe that the key to success through training is that "it never ends". The ecoclean Ongoing Training Program ensures that employees at all levels receive some form of training a minimum of 4 times per year. This guarantees that we keep learning, improving, and striving to either advance to the next level, or to be the very best that we can be from within whatever roll we fill.

We take special care that only properly trained personnel are involved in the maintenance of a building. Top quality supervision is vital. Our building supervisors regularly attend classes conducted by ecoclean. In addition, key supervisors are sent to seminars sponsored by the Building Service Contractors Association International. Our supervisors are strongly educated in the areas of cleaning techniques, employee training and orientation, communications,personnel management and leadership.

Supervisors are in then responsible for the training of custodial personnel. Custodians are trained in the latest training methods and equipment through both text and "hands on" sessions. Detailed daily, weekly and monthly schedules are provided, accompanied by color-coded floor maps, making it clear and simple to understand what needs to be cleaned, when and how. All newly hired personnel are required to attend training sessions; all re-activated and reserve personnel attend a refresher.

All training material is either proprietary ecoclean material or sponsored and provided by Cleaning Management Institute or Building Service Contractors Association International (BSCAI).

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